Newspaper front pages for the 1st of November, 2021

According to the Daily Star, a four-day Arctic plume is set to bring snow to the UK.
The United Nations has said the last seven years were the hottest on the record, with sea levels rising to a new high, the Daily Mirror reports.
The Guardian also reports a warning from Boris Johnson, saying the prime minister has said the COP26 climate summit is at risk of failure because countries are still not promising enough to restrict global temperature rises to below 1.5C.
Dozens of rail passengers have had a miraculous escape after two passenger trains collided in a tunnel, writes the Metro. You can read more about this story here.

Brussels has warned the UK not to “embark on a path of confrontation” amid tensions over Northern Ireland and post-Brexit fishing rights, The Daily Telegraph says.
Boris Johnson has warned there is “a huge way still to go” at the COP26 climate summit, after G20 leaders agreed to stop financing coal power, reports the Financial Times.

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