INDIA: Nama Mandir Family Support To Arya Samaj's Collective Upanayan Work


WE are all Aryans, regardless of race, creed or color. We are ignorant scholars. Gayatri is our mantra. 
It is our paramount and sacred duty to propagate and spread the Vedas and protect the Aryan state. 

Led by Baruneswar Kshetra's Nama Mandir Trust of Binjharpur block of Jajpur district's founder Sachchidananda Das Maharaj, and Acharya Dr. Chinmaya Dash, the family members of Naam Mandir such as, Shri Jagbandhu Nath Sharma, Ram Mohan Das, Rati Kanta Behera, Khageshwar Nath Sharma, participated in the Upanayan ceremonies. 
The event was moderated by Arya Samaj's Secretary Eng. Priyabrata Das, Subrata Arya, Swami Abhedananda Saraswati, Dr. Sudarshan Devacharya, Prof. Dr. Vikas Panda and all the members of Arya Samaj Was formally notified cooperate to do smoothly that event.

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