Parents forgot 3-years old at Airport-caught with CCTV

ABU DHABI-At Dubai International Airport, a UAE-based couple forgot their young 3-year-old daughter. 

They dropped their daughter off at the airport, sat in the car, and drove away without realizing it for 90 minutes, until authorities tracked them down and phoned them.
The girl was discovered at Terminal 2 at Dubai International Airport, according to Brigadier Ali Atiq Bin Lahej, Director of the General Department of Airport Security at Dubai Police.

He went on to say that after checking the security video, tracing her steps, and identifying her family, our officer obtained her parents’ contact information and called them to return her.

According to Bin Lahej, the father was astounded to learn that he had left his daughter at the airport and said that he assumed she was in another car. The family quickly returned to the airport to claim their child.

Police officers claimed they’ve seen similar events before when parents are rushing to catch a flight and forget about their children.

Following this occurrence, the airport authorities have recommended parents to keep a close eye on their children while at the airport.(LifeOfArabs)

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