Arab Ministerial Water Council chooses Saudi Arabia as executive office member

The Arab Ministerial Water Council announced the formation of its executive office for the next two years chaired by Kuwait and Algeria as vice-chairman.

At the conclusion of its 12th session on Thursday, the council decided that the formation of the executive office for the years 2020-2021 would be from the troika of the Arab League Council at the summit level Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Algeria, and three members alternately according to the alphabetical order of the member states Egypt, Libya and Lebanon, and the elected countries are Kuwait and Algeria.
In a related development, the council called on Arab countries to cooperate with the Arab Center for Studies of Arid Zones and Arid Lands (ACSAD) in providing data on water resources necessary to prepare a digital database for water resources in Arab countries.

The council urged ACSAD to cooperate with Arab countries and organizations to follow up on the activities of the implementation plan of the Arab Water Security Strategy.

It also called on Arab countries to make use of the data available through the Regional Initiative on Climate Change in the Arab Region (RICCAR) to assess the effects of climate change on the agricultural sector.

The council's meeting comes as a continuation of its efforts to create a common platform that guarantees concerted Arab efforts in fields related to water resources and to promote development methods in line with the requirements of sustainability and conservation of resources. SG

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