Azania Bank launches new Visa Cards

Azania Bank has launched the new Azania Bank VISA Card as it marks 25 years of offering services to Tanzania, By Diramakini Reporter.

Azania bank has labelled the 25th anniversary as the year of the Rhino symbolizing stability, steadfastness and charge to go forward as is embodied in the new innovation.

The bank has launched two variants of the card which are Azania Bank Classic VISA card and Azania Bank Infinite VISA card, the latter being for premium banking customers. 

The new cards will enable Azania Bank customers to transact across the VISA network both locally and globally.
The Managing Director of Azania Bank, Charles Itembe (right) and CEO of BCX Solutions, Mr. Seronga Wangwe (left) display samples of the newly launched VISA.

Speaking to members of the press during the launch, Azania Bank’s Managing Director, Mr. Charles Itembe, hailed the team and thanked the Board for enabling the bank to embark on an innovation journey that will see the bank transform into a modern bank of the future.

In the same event, the Managing Director launched the “Miamala Iliyorahisishwa na Azania Bank VISA Card” campaign which provides the Azania Bank Classic and Infinite VISA cards to the market for all Tanzanians. 

Mr. Itembe said that “The purpose of Azania Bank is to make the customer experience better through use of technology and innovation. 

Customers can now transact easily using their Azania Bank VISA cards online, they can use their cards at any VISA ATM both locally and internationally and also pay using the cards at points of sale, both locally and internationally. 

Azania Bank Infinite cardholders can also enjoy privileges at various airports across the globe.”

“As we mark our 25th Anniversary we thought a better way thanking our customers is by providing them with a unique service. 

For 25 years they have been enjoying our services such as Digital banking, Mobile banking via our revamped Mobile App, Agency banking (Azania Wakala) scattered all over the country, our 24 branches of which some of them provide service from 8am-8pm Sunday – Sunday, 

our Service Centres, 12 Standalone Bureau De Change, and we are opening the 13th at the Terminal III Julius Nyerere Airport next week, as well as many other service. And now we are introducing Azania Bank Visa Card,"attributed Mr. Itembe

He presented the cards as part of this innovation journey saying that the bank had implemented the latest state of the art technology (Oracle Flexcube v 12.4) that has enabled their systems to integrate with the global VISA network and enable the customers to use their cards on the VISA network.

The bank’s Manager for Digital Banking, Vinesh Davda added that it was an exciting time for the bank and the customers as the new cards offer flexibility and access without any major requirements from the customer's end. 

He mentioned that the cards are available for all Tanzanians and that they could get the card at any Azania Bank branch.

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