INDIA:Dhirendra Mallick; A versatile talent

Dhirendra was born into a middle-class family in the village of Nilakanthpur in the Dasarathpur block of Jajpur district.
Dhirendra is the eldest son of his father, Dattahari Mallick, and his mother, Devki Mallick.As a child, Dhirendra was a gifted student. 

Dhirendra loves to dance and act. Dhirendra had a keen interest in Oriya literature as a child.He was loved by the school and the tutors because he was so calm and humble.

Attracted to Oriya literature, he began to write short poems of his own.Despite his reluctance for the family's financial problems, he dropped out of school for two thousand years without reading much. Morale has given him a unique identity today.

At the same time, he is a poet, journalist, writer, storyteller, editor, lyricist, actor and social worker. He has acted in many stage programs and stage plays. 

He has composed many modern hymns and published them in various magazines. And he has been well-received in the readership. He has been successful in journalism in the web channel Sanskar News Odia.

He is currently serving as the Dashrathpur Block Representative of the Fearless Daily News.In addition, he has worked in a number of media outlets.

From a very young age, he is known as a leading children's writer in and out of the district. He has been personally involved with many literary and cultural institutions in Odisha. 

He has written more than five hundred poems and stories.More than three hundred of them have been published in various newspapers and magazines, as well as on television.

For example, Sambad, samaj Dharitri, Nitidina, pragativadi, prameya,Surjyaprabha, odisha bhaskar, prameya, sanchar, samaya, nirbhaya, dinalipi, sambad kalika, matrubhasa, dhwani pratidhwani, hiranchala, amruta dunia, anupama bharata etc. 

Many daily newspapers. His writings are also regularly published in many weekly newspapers, including Pratirodha , Odisha samachar, Prabah, Pallitharu Delhi, Bhanjadut, Kholafard. 

His writings are also published in many online e-magazines, including many Oriya literary magazines such as Boulaful, Kabi and Kavita, Papunura Duniya, Abhiyan, Premapatra, Priyapatra, Godhuli, Banasurvi, Benguli Nani, Chandrika.

Her first story, Sunajhia Sulochana, was well-received on social media. A collection of her children's books is about to be published. It touches the heart of the reader as it is easy to understand.

He was recently awarded the Corona Warrior Award by the Kalika Literary Institute. He considers the poet Manoj Kumar Pradhan to be his guru.With his help and the blessings of his parents, he says, he has come a long way today.He is determined to continue his social work and writing career until the end of his life.Despite many obstacles in his struggling life, Dhirendra never deviated from his goal.

As reported from:Chinmaya Dash


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