I was in a rush to attend one festival arranged by Odisha Sahitya Academy. However, I could manage to reach in time.
After taking three deep breathe, I tied to have a glance on the stage where the honorable guests were sitting. My eye stocked looking a female person. I tried to recollect where I have seen her. Yes, it was a Magazine, named “Chirantani” …she is the editor of that magazine. I got a copy of the book and I saw her in the editorial page. Later, I came to know that, she is a renowned personality in our area. Her name is Sanjukta Mohapatra. I also met her during many other social work arrangements. I also come to know that she is a Government high school teacher and awarded with “Chiefministers Award”. 
She is a decorated teacher, social activist and intellectual personality. May be in short, I can say that she is a burning example of women empowerment in our area.

Sanjukta Mohapatra belongs to a good family. Her husband is a successful Civil Lawyer and her brother is a successful gynecologist in our area. She has also been awarded prestigious “Byasa Samman” by our Municipality. Be it a cyclone or flood she is always a leader in post disaster recovery activity. Being an active member of many civil society group, she has contributed towards social development of our area. 
She has also contributed to the intellectual sphere by writing many books like:…. “Rajanandini” one of her best creation is a feminist perspective on the event “Mahabharat” where she has highlighted the unending story of gender inequality and its consequence in our society. 
I wish she will contribute more towards this field and will play instrumental role in women empowerment in our area.She also a yoga teacher and teaches yoga in slums and villages। Many people practises yoga under her guidance।After that as a resources person of The Bharat scout and guide ,she gives a good platform to her students for better future। I wish her all success in life

As Reported By:Chinmaya Dash(INDIA) WITH MR.CHI D (NIGERIA).

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