The Chinmaya Foundations Day Number 405 Of Covid-19 Awareness and Relief Distribution Program at India and Roll of Artist Shashadhara Pati

BHARAT(INDIA):As communities unite in the fight against the corona viruses pandemic,the Chinmaya Foundation one of the leading social welfare & cultural common people's organization in Bharat(India) has continued to help the vulnerable & most affected people.
From March 22, 2020 the foundation has engaged in activities aimed to reduced the spread of the virus induding distributing relief food & materials.

Yesterday the foundation continued raising it's 405th day awareness & relief distribution at Odisha & other states of India spearheaded by the direction of national chairperson Mr.Chinmaya Dash,Dirrector of Dance Group Mastar Mihir Kumar, Madhusmita Nayak , Artist Shashadhara Pati & Others.This nonstop community program has benefited many people in Odisha State of Bharat(India) as the foundation beefs up it's support for hundred above of Covid-19 hit lakh families.

The nonstop community program has also benefited mental patients who have been receiving clothes, mosquito nets,blankets & bedsheets & others

The Chinmaya Foundation has sat itself as the best example of a charity organizations admits the raging pandemic.Yesterday the foundation distribute Mask,Sabin,Soap,hand gloves,O.R.S powder, sanitizer, Drinking water,Coock & dry food etc along with dress materials to poor & needy peoples of India.

As a member of this organization Mr. Shashadhara Pati heartily supposed this types of Charity to the needy ones. As an artist through the art he convinced the people's how to maintain save from this pandemic and alway use mask and sanitizer for sefty avoid gathering all things created awareness in rural area to Urban community. 

Now the India country facing pick direction of corona , affected 1.5 core above and recovery near about near 1core and death nearly 2 lakh above . In this furious period he pray to Almighty give mentally strength to us . And all will do pranayam yoga every in this pandemic.His message to all the people's of the world "stay at home stay safety ."

As reported from: Office Of The Chinmaya Foundation.

At:BabalPur,Po:NandiPur,Via:DasarathPur, District:JajPur,State:Odisha-755006,Bharat(INDIA)


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