INDIA: Corona Awareness & Relief Distribution Program Reached on 437th Day

The country's leading social welfare common people's organization Chinmaya Foundation & foundations Dolphin Dance School & Group project from 431th day to 436th day,to prevent the pandemic Corona & Corona awareness campaign has-been seen in various places of Jajpur District for seven days through Corona Awareness Cart(Corona Sachetanata Ratha).
With the advice of the National Chairperson of Chinmaya Foundation Mr.Chinmaya Dash & Director of Dance Group Master Mihir Kumar,the chariot has been seen to make people aware through the campaign of microphone by going out of local areas of Jajpur district.Under the leadership of Miss.

Madhusmita Nayak,the coordinator of Chinmaya Foundation,the workers have seen the distribution of relief materials & resque operation in JajPur,Bhadrak & Kendrapada district to save peoples from the flood & cyclone"YAAS".

Reported from office of the Chinmaya Foundation





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