After Going Home

 Chinmaya Dash

 After facing the house /

 Everything is forgotten.

 I remember the village forest /

 *Kantei Koli*(One kind of jungly food which is children's favorite eating food) / fig tree /

 The smell of burning leaves /

 Revers floor / Moons birth place of rever

 The story of lover, the protagonist of *Nupur*(An ornaments of foot) who is waiting for her to be shaved.

 After the house was over

 Promises are forgotten /

 Dreams of twilight dancing in front of the eyes /

 Farmer's song /

 A new story is being written about the journey of life.

 The call of dissatisfied souls floating from the distant cemetery /

 Bull dog cry /

 The Birha flute of the stone man /

 The village landed, holding the footprints of the memory lost in the stream of time.

 After the house was over

 I remember talking about , *Sadhu Aja*(Aja:Grand father means mothers father) or *Madhukaka's*(Madhu uncle/Kaka means father's brother) *Bhagavata Tungi*(A house of Hindu epic " bhagabat" in where people's are gathered in morning & evening time & read it) .

 Speaking of  *Hariya Nahak or Paria Sahu* (Two villagers name).

 Bow's weeping face dances in front of his eyes.

 The torn ears and the sympathy of the neighbors.

 *Pakhal Kansa* (A bronze pot in which people's are eatingwater rices ) and *Motishag Raita* (Pearls:one kind of eating leave)have life.

 After the house was over

 I remember *Sharat Parvan*.(festive of autumn)

 The joy of the virgin's heart in the well of full moons  world.

 Waiting for a romantic moment /

 The emotional pain of enjoying life.

 So to find life

 Let's go home and do it all

 Where there is pain in heaven.


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