Four Unrealised Poems For My Lover


  Chinmaya Dash


My beloved was a moonlight poem an unconstructed book.

From the time sat with the moon,

my lover faded, It's I look.


If I say my 'beloved' is beautiful that the moon, then the lover will get blemish with the moon.

If I cannot praise a little,

my beloved will get angry  soon.


If my beloved gets angry, the moon burns once.

Bath of ALATA ,the lips fade ,

the whole river is only smoke.


The first spring is being said in the heart for the pain of love .

I'm burning my own JUI ,

by being a living corpse.


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(N.B:- ALATA:A red colour water ,which used in foot . Basically it used in Hindus culture/ JUI:In which the dead body  burned.)


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