I am afraid of....!!!!


                 Smt.Sanjukta Mohapatra

Hiding deep inside my soul

A melodious song without words

Just my lips when it comes

Don't want to sing

I fear, of this world

will be lost in the polluted atmosphere tomorrow

Hiding in the deepest state of my mind

A lot of anonymous love

But my mouth never do it

Don't want to say

My fear are of this world

In the middle of a relationship of deceit

Will lose its existence

Hiding in the lonely place of my heart

One and many emotions

In my behavior never to take shape

They don't wand to

I am afraid of this society

will be lostamong many deception

This is the existance of itself

Many beauty is hidden in my body parts

It never bloomed in my beauty

I don't want to be

I thinkamong these people

There will be awakening of animals

Many dreams are hidden in my subtle consciousness

Don't ever want this heat in my senses

Came in my thoughts

Who will break it tommorrow

To the Prasad of my dreams

I am a compressed elixir child of eternal Power

If I ever seek freedom

I get only insults

I am afraid,maybe all others will be cut off

Wisdom is a tanuman

                          (Editor-Chirantanee, Jajpur Road,JajPur,Odisha State,India)

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