INDIA: Chinmaya Foundations Day Number 469 and 470 For Covid-19 Awareness and Relief Distribution

Silent for a long time since last date 22nd March 2020.
To prevent the pandemic corona, the country's leading social welfare people's organization Chinmaya Foundation of Jajpur district of Odisha state,is working the Corona awareness chariot in different districts of Odisha along with awareness & distribution of relief from 469 & 470th day in Dasarathpur area.

This two day program is under the consultation of National Chairperson of the Foundation Mr.Chinmaya Dash,The secretary of the foundation Mr.Shashikanta Nayak distribute & aware to the peoples of Dasharathpur block of Odisha State with his colleagues.

They distributed clothes,dry & cooked food,mask,soap, sanitizer,O.R.S, bleaching powder etc.

In this work Vice-chairman Mr.Surendra Pandab,Ast-Secretary Bhikari Charan Mallick, Treasure Miss Madhusmita Nayak & others were seen cooperating on behalf of foundation.

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