PANDEMIC:We are ready to sell our heads,jobs,money and hairless heads

 By Chinmaya Dash


From a leader to a flattery,

From officer to government,

Enjoying & clapping

The demand for everything is one.

Come let us cheat ourselves.

In the tears of the public,in the blood 

Every times burn becomes SateeChaura/

Ganga becomes the corpse/

Grave takes self respect/

Dreams are in the womb,everyday lifestyle.

After all the drama for stomach is over,

The slogan of speech beings .

Nut does drama/

Get rid of the stupid/

And the public is looking for a mess.

Starts in the open

Linquer,beauty &  linquerian.

Innocent body is smuggled for the sake of stomach/

Life is true or dedicated in sports of the pasha & Palis.

God also becomes a pathway in the attack of Corona/Buying & selling in the name of westernism.

Boater man of the boat decorated with Maguni Sahu/

After sitting , setting,shooting & outing everything is open here.

By turning back the light

We are all moving forward/

Let all the burdens of the bag be tied on the mouth.

The epidemic repeatedly consumes the empty body of conscience/

We are ready to sell our heads,jobs,money & hairless heads .


( Satee Chaura:A place of cuttack district of odisha state,where the deadbodies are burning day & night after Covid/ Ganga:Name of a Holly  reaver of India / Pasha & Palli: A game which was played in Mahabharata (the ancient Hindu culture) period/ Maguni Sahu: Name of a boater man.

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