INDIA: In the Kalahandi District, the Chinmaya Foundation's Fortnightly Nonstop Covid-19 Cultural Awareness Program and Relief Distribution Program Arrived From Day Number 544 to 558 Continue


The Corona Awareness Program has been going on continuously through the relief distribution and cultural program of the Chinmaya Foundation, India's leading social welfare organization in Babalpur of Jajpur district of Odisha state.
This month, the Chinmaya Foundation launched a long-term awareness and sanitation program from the day number 544th to the 558th day in Kalahandi district of Odisha.

Members of the Chinmaya Foundation have traveled around the Kalahandi district to raise awareness through various cultural programs, including distribution of masks, ORS, soaps, sanitizers, hand gloves etc. to protect members of the Kalahandi district.

Especially in different parts of Kalahandi district, the poor, the helpless, the mad, the slum dwellers and the bus stands, the needy people living on the roadsides and railway platforms are cooked and dried food, groceries, maize, soap, sanitizers, ORS, clothes. 

Along with the supply, awareness has been seen through songs like changu, madal, ghumura, khanjani etc.

The program was organized by Kalahandi District Coordinator Kamal Chandi, Bhavani Shankar Dhangad Majhi and Jalandhar Chandi on the instructions of Chinmaya Foundations Chairman Chinmaya Dash.

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