Newspaper front pages for the 30th of October, 2021

The seizure of a UK vessel in France is the Daily Star’s top story.Prince Charles said we need “critical change” to the way we live as he laid out a “radical vision of we can combat climate change”, the Daily Express reports.
The Daily Mirror leads with fury over the budget, warning of mortgages soaring, high inflation and tax increases of more than £3,000 per year.World leaders have been warned that the COP26 summit must “mark the beginning of the end of climate change” as last-minute talks take place that could help determine the future of the planet.
China appeared to “rebuff Boris Johnson’s pleas to do more on climate change” as the head of the United Nations warned the world is heading for catastrophe, The Times reports.

The Daily Telegraph reports on Britain summoning France’s ambassador to the UK after the French detained a British scallop trawler in a dispute over fishing licenlicen

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