INDIA: Children's silent prayer for the Passed Away Peoples in Covid-19 on the 602nd day of the Chinmaya Foundations Coronation Program


The Chinmaya Foundation, a leading non-governmental organization in the Bharat country, has launched a non-stop Corona awareness and relief distribution program in 602 days. 

Asha Akash Club, an international children's enhanced program run by the Foundation, has offered silent prayers for the souls of the dead in Corona.
Club members Rupesh Shabar, Chintu Chandi, Rudra Shabar, Tejaswini Majhi, Tejaswini Majhi, led by local child coordinator Suravi Chandi (Asha Apa) and coordinator Jit Chandi (Akash Bhai) led by Kalahandi district coordinator Kamal Chandi on the instructions of founding chairman Chinmaya Dash. 

Alekh Chandi and others joined in the prayers and prayed silently for the well-being of the deceased.

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