INDIA: Chinmaya Foundation's Day Number 606 For Covid-19 Awareness, Relief Distribution and Fortnightly Mass Diya (Lamps) Offer,Tarpana, Pinda Dana and Silent Prayers for the well-being of The Souls of The Dead in Coronation


The Chinmaya Foundation, a leading India-based social welfare organization established in Babalpur village of Jajpur district, has been conducting a continuous epidemic awareness campaign for 606 days from 22nd March 2020 to the present day.
On this occasion, on behalf of the Foundation, from the holy Diwali to the Kartik Purnima, the party has been holding Mass Diya (Lamps) offering, Silent Prayers,Tarpana and Pinda Dana on behalf of the various branches of the Foundation for the well-being of the deceased.

Today, on the 14th day for the fortnightly program, the head office held a mass lamp in the premises of Vimeshwar Mahadev temple in Kenduukul village in Biripata panchayat in the local Dasarathpur block of Odisha with silent prayers and the Mass Tarpana was held in the river of Kendua.

In the direction of Foundation's Founding Chairperson Mr. Chinmaya Dash, it was attended by Awareness Program Coordinator Master Mihir Kumar,Adhikari Nrusingha Charan Dash, Social Worker Dhiru Bhai, Social Worker Shashikant Nayak, Surendra Pandav, Swadhin Nayak, Educationalist Shuvrajit Pratihari, Srikant Mallick, Mahendra Mallick and others.

Similarly, mass diya(Lamp) donations, Tarpana, Silent Prayer and Pinda Dana were held under the leadership of Mayurbhanj District Coordinator Mrs. Sitamani Das and Sachin Das, and under the leadership of Kalahandi District Coordinator Mr. Kamal Chandi.

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