INDIA : Chinmaya Foundation's Day Number 607 For Covid-19 Awareness At JajPur District of Odisha State


INDIAS leading social welfare organization Chinmaya Foundation establised in Babalpur in Jajpur district, has been raising awareness about the epidemic in various parts of the country, while on the 607th day of the foundation's awareness campaign in various parts of the Jajpur district
through playing Kendra (A music which is made by bamboo tree ,wood, cocoanut food & hearse hair). 

Led by the founding chairman of the foundation, Mr. Chinmaya Dash, the keynote music players was Mr.Kulmani Nath Sharma, Gopal Nath Sharma, Jayakrishna Nath Sharma, Bharat Nath Sharma, and others. The awareness Coordinator Master Mihir Kumar, Surendra Pandav, Chinmayee Pandav, Prakritipriya Pandav, Biranchi Das, Pintu Nana and others are contributed on the behalf of Chinmaya Foundation.

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