INDIA: Chinmaya Foundation's Day Number 590 and 591 For Covid-19 Awareness Program at Bangiriposi


The Corona Awareness and Relief Distribution Program, run by members of the Chinmay Foundation, an unarmed soldier, has already reached its 591th day since March 22, 2020 to till now with a nonstop and continues process.
In this regard, on the instructions of the founding chairman of the foundation Mr.Chinmaya Dash, the Mayurbhanj branch, led by Mayurbhanj district coordinator Mrs. Sitamani Das and Bangiriposi block Coordinator Mr. Bikram Hansda are arranged a Covid-19 awareness program at Bangiriposi block.

In this purpose the regional artiste of the Mr. Goutam Naik and his Sri Sri Nijhari Badam Changu dance troupe are doing Covid-19 awareness has been seen in Bangiriposhi block of Mayurbhanj district of Odisha state. 

The people of Mayurbhanj have highly praised the Chinmaya Foundation's awareness program.

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