INDIA: The Chinmaya Foundation's Uninterrupted Service and Awareness Program Arrived on the 594th day


Learning to live for others, not for oneself. Happy for the happiness of others, for the realization of this great goal of Indian civilization, has been a continuous endeavor for 594 days since 22 March 2020.
In the city of Bhadrak, volunteers from the Chinmaya Foundation are working to eradicate the shame and hunger of the living mother on the one hand, the Bhasani (Closing ceremony of the worship of the Mahakali and Mahakala) procession of the mother Kali (KALI is the goddess & MAHAKALA is the god of Timing in Hindu culture)on the other. 

For the past two days on Friday and Saturday of this week which was the day number 593 and 594 the members of the foundation are distributes Dress,Dry and Cooked foods, Grocery items to street children, helpless old women, lunatics, beggars, physically handicapped people , Insanes in Dhamnagar and Bhadrak blocks and municipalities of Bhadrak district.
Members are aware to general public about Covid-19 and distribute Maize, soap and sanitary napkins, O.R.S, Masks for this regard.

The event was chaired by Chinmaya Dash, Founding Chairman of the Foundation, and Master Mihir Kumar, Coordinator of the Awareness Program.

It is learned that the mass rites, Tarpana offerings, Silent prayers and Diya(lamps) given by the staff of the various branches of the foundation for the victims of the coronation have reached its third day.

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