Newspaper front pages for the 3rd of November, 2021

The Daily Star leads on news out of COP26, where Boris Johnson and world leaders agreed on landmark pacts to tackle climate change.
According to the Daily Express, blood pressure monitors will be handed out by the NHS.

The prime minister’s message at COP26 leads on the front page of The Times. Boris Johnson hailed the deal made in Glasgow to cut methane emissions.

The Independent reports on a Met Office analysis which has found that Europe could reach temperatures of 50C (122F) if urgent action isn’t taken to slash greenhouse emissions.
A new analysis by the Met Office suggests the heatwaves and wildfires that devastated Europe this summer would not have happened without global heating, The Guardian reports.
The prime minister will seek to reform the House of Commons standards watchdog, The Daily Telegraph reports.
In the Metro, Boris Johnson’s speech at COP26 features. The prime minister hailed the pact made by 110 nations at the climate summit in Glasgow.
Jes Staley is stepping down as the chief executive of Barclays following an investigation into the way he described his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, reports the Financial Times.

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