INDIA: Chinmaya Foundation's Day Number 726 to 729 for Covid-19 Kit and Food Distribution in Various Parts of Dasarathpur Block of Odisha State


AN International youth enhanced organization based in Babalpur village of Jajpur district of Odisha state has been in the process of unveiling nonstop and continues the Covid-19 awareness, Corona kit and relief distribution program since 22nd March 2020 to till now it is continue on day number 729.
Under the direction of Founder Chairperson of the Chinmaya Foundation, Mr. Chinmaya Dash the event lasted for 4 days in various parts of the Dasarathpur block of Jajpur district from day number 726 to 729 (Thursday to Sunday). 

Mask, Sanitizer, ORS along with Cooked food was distributed to patients at the MangalPur medical as well as the beggars, insane, poor and needy people's of the various parts of the Dasarathpur block in the supervision of active volunteer of the foundation Mr. Smrutiranjan Nayak.

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