IFAD welcomes the commitment of the Burundian Head of State in promoting the Agro-Pastoral sector


DURING an audience granted this Thursday to a delegation of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the Director of the Eastern and Southern Africa Division paid tribute to the Head of State HE Evariste Ndayishimiye for his personal commitment to the development of Agro-Pastoral (practice of agriculture that includes both the growing of crops and the raising of livestock) sector in Burundi.
"We are lucky to work with a Head of State who has a very clear vision on how to achieve his objectives because not all Presidents are involved in agriculture,” said Mrs.Sara Mbago-Bhunu, who is Director of IFAD's East and Southern Africa Division before adding that, this commitment of the Highest Authority facilitates the mission of IFAD in the planning and implementation of agricultural projects.

After expressing his satisfaction with the progress of the agricultural sector thanks to the mobilization of all sections of the population, the President of the Republic presented the programs and priorities of the government of Burundi with a view to combating poverty. and achieve sustainable development.

"Despite the impacts of COVID-19, the population is at work. Now we even exploit the areas that were not exploited. However, we are facing the challenges related to the conservation of production, in particular the lack of sales markets, “suggested the Burundian Number One who then mentioned the strategies that are being implemented to also develop livestock farming in Burundi.

His Excellency President Ndayishimiye also insisted on the imperative for Burundi's technical and financial partners to work in close collaboration with the government in order to properly guide interventions and thus adjust to government priorities.

“We have suffered losses in the past due to lack of coordination. We must now have a joint action plan in order to achieve balanced development,” he insisted.

During this interview, the IFAD delegation took this opportunity to present in turn the projects and programs of this financial institution at the regional level in general and in Burundi in particular.

Among other things, they talked about the PRODER project, the financing agreement of which is estimated at 53 Million US Dollars and which will be implemented for 7 years.

The Rural Entrepreneurship Development Program, PRODER in acronym, aims to reduce poverty and improve nutrition and food security in rural communities, we learned.
The Head of State positively appreciated this initiative which supports the implementation of government policy to develop the entrepreneurial sector, especially through the mobilization of young people.(Ntare Rushatsi House)

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