Adanian Labs unpacks the role of digital in accelerating change


THE future that was dreamt about 100 years ago is here, and with it everything has gone digital. With new tech introduced every day, a digital World is slowly but surely helping brands and individuals everywhere succeed and prosper while working together, in teams or remotely while maintaining efficiency and precision.
Invited key stakeholders in the tech ecosystem listening in on the on-going camel sessions conversation at the Adanian Labs offices in Dar es Salaam City on May 2nd,2022.

Whereas powerful problems in a digital World create powerful solutions, these problems call for a need to adapt long term to more modern solutions for lasting results.

In the past weeks Adanian Labs-a Pan African venture building studio in Tanzania-went straight for the bull’s eye in its first edition event dubbed ‘Camel Sessions’ with the topic themed around 'Making a Difference in a Digital Era’.

Coined by the company, the Camel Theory is a state of mind. “Our Camel theory concept is that as an organization we are focused on building strong, resilient and efficient organizations and people who will without fail see the mission through regardless of hardships.

"This means that if something has to be done, it should be done well and this should apply to everything we do. It is about pride in ourselves and our performance. Inefficiencies can result from many factors. We are diligent, team players, impact driven and champions of our own destinies. If we don't take the time and if we don't make the effort to raise the quality of our performance, then mistakes will occur – and they can cost our future,” John Kamara, CEO.

As part of the conversation, the Camel Sessions event invited key players and stakeholders in different sectors like FinTech, Hubs in Tech, Education and health sector professionals, Corporates, business leaders, Startups ecosystem builders, experts in EmmersiveTech - including IOT, Blockchain and AI.

Contributing to the conversation the panelists highlighted the various technologies that have been introduced in Africa and the globe as a whole and how this has been an active driver of change in both the economic and social spectrum.

"It’s fascinating how our day to day is influenced, amplified and complemented by digital so why not use this to our advantage to bring about impactful change. In a world where tech controls our input and output, we are at a position to create a today and tomorrow that tackles most of the stubborn social epidemics like youth unemployment, poverty and more.

"This is to say that we all have been empowered by tech to make a difference at a personal and group level, whether as a business or an individual,"said Tulanana Bohela, Co-Founder of Ona Stories – who served as one of the discussion panelists.

With the 4th industrial revolution, the technological transformation that comes with it will alter our day-to-day as we know it, hence the conversation came at the right time to spark a fundamental reminder to stakeholders, business leaders and organizations to realize the power they hold with the right technology and how impactful this can be in making monumental changes.

"Throughout history, technology has modernized the way we do things and see the world. To improve on the quality of life and our day-to-day processes, we have no choice but to adapt to the fast-paced digital transformation that continues to evolve with each passing day,"said Daniella Kwayu in a closing remark after thanking the guests for attending.

Camel sessions is a quarterly event that is mainly driven by a panel discussion around all matters technology, which is complimented by a cocktail session that allows invited guests to network.

The event will be aimed at bringing together different groups in the ecosystem in an effort to share knowledge, opinions and perspectives that will shape our community for how we see it.


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