Festival Makes Simple Village Life,many Speakers said at the convocation Meeting Raj Mahotsav-2022 Held in Dhanipur


"Festivals and cultural events in rural areas make easier and simpler in rural life, as well as strengthen human values, brotherhood with social, cultural  and spiritual ideology," said many speakers at the Closing ceremony and conviction meeting of Raj (An agricultural festival of Odisha state) Mahotsava-2022 . 

The meeting was presided by Senior Educationalist, Mr. Satyananda Ray as the president of the program, where was the Managing Director of New News Odisha & Senior Educationalist Mr. Bimal Kumar Roy joined as the Udjapaka (ender ) of the program.
As the Chief Guest HOD of History in S.G.College Prof. Sukanta Ku. Padhi, as the Chief Speaker the Counsellor of OSOU, Sambalpur and Founding Chairperson of Chinmaya Foundation Mr. Chinmaya Dash and Senior Social Activist Mr. Deepak Kumar Barik, Senior Educationalist and Poet Mr. Shuvendu Kumar Mohapatra, Social Worker Mr. Shambhunath Ray were present as distinguished guests. Hundreds of winners were awarded at various competitive events held on the occasion. The Convocation meeting was followed by the award of honor and awards to ten talented individuals, including the Dubakana "Saharya Paribara" Social Organization. All the staff of SNTV including Shri Lalit Roy, Sandeep Roy, Sadhu Nilu Baba, Prabhat Das, Jyotishkar Roy, Prashant Nayak, Arun Das, Partha Sarathi Nayak, Shambhunath Ray, Bishnu Charan Das, Bishnu Das, Harish Chandra Samal & all the villagers of Dhanipur were assisted the event program.

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