Saudi Arabia donates $3.5m to IAEA for peaceful use of nuclear technology

RIYADH-Saudi Arabia has announced its donation of $3.5 million to two initiatives of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to support the peaceful use of the nuclear energy.

The Kingdom donated $2.5 million towards the initiative of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to modernize its Seibersdorf laboratories (ReNuAL2).

The initiative will contribute to strengthening the nuclear and radiological regulatory capabilities to maximize the uses of nuclear techniques and provide resources and services to IAEA member states to ensure the safe use of nuclear technology.

The Kingdom has also announced its donation of $1 million to support the IAEA's initiative for Zoonotic Diseases Integrated Action (ZODIAC), launched by the IAEA to help prevent the outbreaks of infectious zoonotic diseases with the use of nuclear techniques and strengthen the preparedness and response, and early detection of their causes.

These donations represent an extension of Saudi Arabia's continuous support for IAEA efforts and its initiatives aimed at developing its capabilities in a way that enhances its vital role in harnessing the atom for peace and confirms the Kingdom's positive stance towards matters related to using nuclear energy and technology and their peaceful and safe development. (SG)

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