Shocker: DJ LaTimmy Sabuta and Kesego separate, they have ended their 6 year union


They were once one of Botswana's most beloved celebrity couples.
Their major marriage goals used to leave everyone green with envy, but sadly DJ LaTimmy Sabuta has announced that he has separated from his wife, Kesego Sabuta.

After a seemingly endless quest to keep their marriage afloat, the couple is officially separating after more than six years of marriage.
The news came as a shock because there were no signs of trouble in paradise.

In most cases, the couple sang praise to each other proving that they were head over heels in love but now they have thrown in the towel.

Taking to social media to share the news DJ LaTimmy said their separation was amicable.

While he did not reveal the reason for their separation, he thanked everyone who has supported them throughout this difficult period.

"My wife and I have amicably decided and agreed to end our 6-years union. Through the support of our families, relatives and friends, the journey has been guided by love, support, and most important dialogue. Your support during this difficult journey is counted on as always. We thank you for your love in all the years we have been together and we look forward to more love as we both begin new chapters in our lives. We have nothing more to say on this subject and hope our privacy will be respected during this difficult time.

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