President Barrow sets in motion the North Bank Roads Project

President Adama Barrow of Gambia on Saturday 14th November laid the foundation for the North Bank Roads project; Lot 1 Sabach Sanjal Loop, in a ground-breaking ceremony attended by thousands of people across the region and beyond, By Diramakini Reporter.

In his statement, President Barrow said he was delighted to lay the foundation for the long-awaited North Bank Roads Project. ‘’I am certain that the residents of this area have been waiting eagerly for this, given the bad condition of roads within the region.’’

The President highlighted the numerous challenges that characterised the region for many decades due to the bad condition of roads, adding that it hinders development and causes discomfort.

Stressing that there can be no national development in the absence of good road networks, President Barrow said the National Development Plan guides his government to make sure no section of the Gambian society is excluded from the country’s development process.

He noted the negative impact bad road networks have on women accessing health facilities, and children having to travel long distances to access educational and many other social amenities.

While stating that the 86km construction work is a project fully funded by his government, the President commended the Ministry of Finance, Works, and the National Assembly for making the required resources available.

‘’With this project, we will have completed also the construction of over two thousand, five hundred (2500) meters of bridges, compared to the seven hundred and Fifty (750) meters built by the two previous administrations.

My government has demonstrated that, with strong political will and financial prudence, the pace of development would be much faster than it was,’’President Barrow said.

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