Chinmaya Foundation's Nonstop Day 280 Of Covid19 Awareness & Relief Program in India

The national level rural social common peoples organization of India which is established at a small village BabalPur on the district of JajPur by registered on date 17th May 2011 with local government,The Chinmaya Foundation has continued saving lives through many ways.

Now the foundation has taken on various projects to benefit communities amidst.

In the coronavirus pandemic across India, Chinmaya Foundation has been raising awareness about Covid1-9 and distributing relief food and materials. 
Working through its Dolphin Dance School & Group project in collaboration with other people, the foundation has continously aware about Covid-19 through Drama,Folk Dance,Folk Song,bulleting literature,Poster, distributing booklets and many way with distributed relief materials such as masks, soap, sanitizers, bliching powder, hand gloves, dry and cooked food stuffs.

Additionally, the mentally challenged always received blankets, clothes, chemicalized mosquito nets and bedsheets ,winter jackets,Caps through the relief distribution program.
Today, the Covid19 awareness and relief distribution program was being conducted for day number 280 and the foundation took time to plan more for thousand thousand numbers of families receiving its support in Odisha state.

The foundation distribute winter cloth,dress, blanket & so many materials to poor & needy peoples for fighting against cold winter along with covid19 with spearheading the program has been Mr.Chinmaya Dash, the national chairperson of Chinmaya Foundation and Master Mihir Kumar, the director of Dolphin Dance School & group,Miss.Archana Sahu,Ramesh Chandra Behera,Switi Mohanty

Barsarani Majhi,Manasi Das,Pujarani Das,Narottam Gochhayat,Akash Mallick,Bikash Mallick,Bikash Das,Raki Das,Biswajit Das,Manas Seth & other members are cooperated whole heartily with the behalf of foundation.

This program is highly appreciated by political leaders,intellectuals as well as general public.

Reported by: U.C.Mishra

Edited by: Mc.Ollus Ndhmu

As reported from : Office of the Chinmaya Foundation

At-BabalPur ,Po- NandiPur ,Via- DasarathPur,District- JajPur ,State-Odisha,Pin-755006,Bharat(India)

Mob-(+91)9938810539 /8328876038

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