Chinmaya Foundations Day Number 407 Of Covid-19 Awareness & Relief Distribution At Kalahandi

BHARAT(INDIA):As communities unite in the fight against the corona viruses pandemic,the Chinmaya Foundation one of the leading Rural social welfare & cultural common people's organization in Bharat(India) has continued to help the vulnerable & most affected people.
Today the foundation continued raising it's 408th day awareness & relief distribution at Kalahandi of Odisha & other states of India spearheaded by the direction of national chairperson Mr.Chinmaya Dash,the Kalahandi District Coordinator Mr.Kamal Chandi,the Kalampur Block coordinator Mr.Bhabani Shankar Dhangadamajhi,Jitendra Chhatria,krusta Bag,Tapan Bag,Kunja Rauth,Durbal Majhi,Padmanava Majhi & Others.Today the direction of the national Chairperson Mr.Chinmaya Dash the members of Kalahandi Branch are inaugurate a corona awareness travel which is move door to door & village to village to aware the people's about corona.

The nonstop community program has also benefited mental patients,poor & needy peoples who have been receiving Clothes, Mosquito nets,Blankets & Bedsheets ,Food materials, Shops, Cook & dry foods, Mask,Sabin,Sanitizer,Hand gloves, Bliching ,O.R.S,Drinking waters & others.

The Chinmaya Foundation has sat itself as the best example of a charity organizations admits the raging pandemics.

As reported from: Office Of The Chinmaya Foundation.

At:BabalPur,Po:NandiPur,Via:DasarathPur, District:JajPur,State:Odisha-755006,Bharat(INDIA)


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