INDIA:Corona Awareness & Relief Distribution Program Reached On 443th Days

To prevent the pandemic corona,the country's social welfare common people's organization Chinmaya Foundation & it's Dolphin Dance School & Group Project have been seen distributing relief in various places of East JajPur District along with the corona awareness movement.
This program has started continuously from last 22nd March 2020 and has reached 443th day today.On this occasion,under the supervision of the National Chairperson of the Foundation Mr.Chinmaya Dash, Director of Dance Group Master Mihir Kumar, Coordinator Smt.Madhusmita Nayak,Social Worker Shasikanta Nayak are distribute the relief commodities in the area of Tarapada,RamachandraPur,Dandisahi,Kenduakul,DakshinaBandha,Sathibati,Badakuanl,Sanakuanl,BabalPur,AsanPur,Chandipur etc & to make peoples aware to the epidemic "Corona" in the villeges.

Cyclone "YAAS" & to save themselves from the floods,the workers have drid mask,soap, sanitizer ,O.R.S & dry foods has been seen distributing relief materials.This program has been worked on behalf of the foundation that has been running continuesly in EastJajPur District for five days from 438th to 443th day.

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