Storm On The Other Day

Chinmaya Dash

Waiting for some rain

Suddenly,this indecent storm.

Heavy black cloud in hide & seek game/

But the moon gets lost.

The dream of hope dies/in the silent movement of the night.

Hope swings like an unknown terrorist in the hanging people.

Man pulling "Hukkah" sitting in the moons area/

Suddenly  turns into a poet.

Lonely butterfly in the turn/

To observe the beauty of the aftermath of the storm.

Strom don't remain a storm.

Storm finds the address of rain/

Another unreasonable question from an unknown areas.

Where are all the clouds,it doesn't rain after raining.

History of man living in the restlessness of tea cup.

Suddenly changes with a different promise.

Peace passes through the storm/

And a unique way to live/

Storm on the other day.


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