INDIA: The Chinmaya Foundation's Awareness Program With Mass Diya Offer for the Victims of the Coronation Reached 595 days


On 22 March 2020, the Chinmaya Foundation's awareness campaign, which has been raising awareness about the issue of unarmed soldiers, has reached its 595th day today.
On the occasion of the holy Diwali to Rahas purnima a fortnightly silent prayer was offered with the offering of tarpanas, collective Diya (lamps) for the liberation of the souls of the dead in coronation.

The event will run through various branches of the foundation until the full moon of the holy Rahas, said the founding chairman of the foundation Mr. Chinmaya Dash.

Today in the 4th day of diya offer in Kalahandi district it Led by the Kalahandi district Coordinator Mr. Kamal Chandi along with the local members of Chinmaya Foundation Nilambara Majhi,Durbal Majhi, Basudev Shabar, Krusna Chandra Pradhani, Kuma Shabar, Satya Nayak, Sudarshan Nayak, Nikunja Chandi were present on the 4th day of the mass Diya (lamp) offer and tarpan on behalf of the Kalahandi branch of Odisha State.

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