INDIA: Chinmaya Foundation's Day Number 593 to607 at Kalahandi District for Covid-19 Awareness, Relief Distribution Along With Fortnightly Days Prayers With Offering of (Diyas) Lamps, Tarpans, Pinda Danas and Silent Prayers for the well-being of Souls,those who are passed away in Coronation


INDIA-based leading social welfare organization The Chinmaya Foundation which is established in Babalpur village of Jajpur district of Odisha State, has been distributing 607 days of nonstop and continuous relief distribution & aware to people about Covid-19 since 22nd March 2020.
On this occasion, on behalf of the Foundation, from the holy Diwali to the Kartik Purnima, the organization has been holding mass lamps, silent prayers, mass tarpanas and Pindadanas on behalf of the various branches of the Foundation for the well-being of the deceased.

In this regards,under the direction of founding chairperson Mr.Chinmaya Dash ,the fortnightly Mass Tarpana, Diya Offer, Pinda Dana,Silent Prayer was held at various places of Kalahandi district of Odisha state. 
Led by Kalahandi district coordinator Mr. Kamal Chandi, Madri Raut, Brundavati Raut, Chitrakala Nag, Lalita Nag, Demati Raut, Gomati Raut, Parnana Nag, Dolim Raut, Champa Raut, Rahini Raut,Fulamati Rout,Lokanath Rout, Trilochana Raut, Bhim Nag, Damen Raut , Bishakha Raut along with all regional activists of the Foundation, have been touring various parts of the district to raise awareness labour in the corona, as well as mass diya offers, tarpans ,pindadanas and silent prayers for the dead.

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