INDIA: Chinmaya Foundation's Days Number 784 To 787 For Covid-19 Awareness and Kit Distribution at Sunapal Village


THE Corona Awareness ,Covid-19 Kit & Relief Distribution Program has been running uninterruptedly for 787 days today by the International People's Enhancement Organization For Peace and Harmony The CHINMAYA FOUNDATION, which was established in Babalpur village in Jajpur district of Odisha state.
In the direction of the foundation's founding Chairperson Mr. Chinmaya Dash , the relief item and COVID-19 kits were distributed for 4 days in different parts of the Matiakan village of Jajpur district of Odisha State for day number 784 to 7878.

Led by volunteer of the organization Mr. Shreekshyetra Sahoo ,Jajatikeshari Jena and Manoj Jena are aware and distribute the relief items with Covid-19 kit to the poor, insane , zero habitats, handicapped as well as needy people's.(

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