BOTSWANA University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN) in partnership with African Agriculture (AA) recently held a harvesting ceremony of the first locally grown water-saving and drought resistant rice. 
His Honour the Vice President Mr Slumber Tsogwane commended the partnership between the two for bringing the rice trial production to Botswana.

The Vice President who is also BUAN Chancellor said food production remains a priority towards attaining a food secure nation.
He assured of government’s support to the development of farming adding that smart agriculture remains a priority when undertaking such developments.

The Vice President said producing rice locally would be great a development for the country as it will help create jobs as well as reduce the import bill of food. 
The acting Minister of Agriculture Molebatsi Molebatsi concurred with the Acting President saying the rice crop will soon join other grain products that have been thriving in Botswana.

Hon. Molebatsi said he believes this will impact the national food security and improve the livelihood of the farming community.

He urged farmers to undertake rice production giving assurance that the Ministry of Agriculture will support them.
The rice trial project started with seven varieties tested and three varieties have proved to be conducive.

The project will be extended to other areas like Maun, Tuli Block, Borolong, Pandamatenga among others.

A hectare of land is said to produce 5-10tons of rice and this will go a long way to reduce the import bill for the same commodity.

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