GLOBAL Peace Foundation is a secular, humanitarian, cosmopolitan and non-profit unique organization formed with the sole objective of achieving permanent peace, sustainable happiness and wide scale prosperity of the mankind as a whole. Global Peace Foundation has come forward with the noble mission of forming a Global Government which can deal with all critical global issues and bring permanent Peace, all-round progress and prosperity in the entire world. 

Global Peace Foundation advocates the formation of a federal, democratic, and supreme Global Government by participation of all countries of the world with cosmopolitan political authority having legislative, executive, judiciary, military and financial jurisdiction acceptable to all. 

Search for permanent peace has been a constant effort of mankind from time immemorial but achievement of concrete peace has been always an illusion and myth.

The present day society is full of selfishness, violence, superstitions, blind believe, worries, anxieties restlessness, drug abuse, wine abuse and several other factors. The entire human society is unrest and it needs a conducive atmosphere of love, peace, understanding, non-violence, brotherhood and respect for others.

In this situation Global Peace Foundation has effectively created social awareness in different areas of Jajpur District with the help of a Chariot being decorated with several messages on social reformations. 
The social issues which need reformations on castes, religions, superstitions, blind believes, selfishness, hatred, violence, abuse of drugs and wines, fanaticism, child marriage, family disintegration, widow life, multiple marriages, nuclear family, environmental pollution, polythene use, population explosion, misuse of water, electricity, fuels and many other factors. 

This attractive Chariot moved the entire Jajpur District and covered all the villages within ten days. Many important persons, organizations and offices came forward to receive the Chariot in several locations of the district. 

Leaflets containing all these messages were distributed village wise for circulation in the entire district with mike announcement and speeches. This awareness campaign organized by Global Peace Foundation created a tremendous impact on the society.

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