India: Ramchandra Dash, a versatile artist of art, literature, culture and sculpture


THE personality and talents of a person, such as the musk of a deer navel, are pervasive. But in many cases, the lack of proper incentives has left the public in the lurch. Such a talent was met by Indian representative of our DIRAMAKINI, Mr. Chinmaya Dash. 
The man is Ramchandra Dash, a well-known writer, carpenter and sculpturalist from Dasarathpur block in Jajpur district of Odisha state, who has published 11 books so far.

Six book of poems and five book of stories. He has continued his efforts to enrich the vocabulary of the Oriya language and literature. 

From what we think is a waste of species wood, he is helping to prevent and pollute the environment by making beautiful household items and home furnishings with various materials. He is also a satirist, a successful Vedic priest and a eloquent speaker.

Despite being a multi-faceted genius, he has always considered himself an ordinary human being, and has been left out of the public eye due to a lack of proper publicity and dissemination.

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