I don't find leisure time, even if I try says Doctor Raj Kishore Panda a Chairman of Global Peace Foundation


DOCTOR Raj Kishore Panda in Jajpur is one of the most renowned Ophthalmologists in the area. Countless locals in have placed immense trust in the practitioner over the years.
Dr.Raj Kishore Panda is situated at Medical Campus, Jajpur HO-755001 which is easily accessible through various modes of transport.

In an interview with DIRAMAKINI representative from India,Chinmaya Dash,Dr.Panda narrates;

QUESTION:Dr. Panda, you are a popular eye surgeon, a dedicated social worker, a devoted social reformer, a prominent global peace activist, well known dramatist, established short story writer, active Rotary leader and organizer. How do you manage all these activities ?

ANSWER:Time management is extremely important for all of us. So far as professional service is concerned, I always give priority to my patients.

My door is always open for the patients even in late nights with sympathetic attitude. I make time for social work at the cost of my rest and personal work.

My evening time is dedicated for Rotary activities, meetings and friendship development. My rest of the night time up to 2:00 am remains free for reading and writing with my creative activities. I don’t find leisure even if I am tried.

QUESTION:You are the founder and chairman of Global Peace Foundation. What is your purpose and goal. How are you proceeding to achieve your goal ?.

ANSWER:Global Peace Foundation is a secular, humanitarian, non-profit organization founded and chaired by me with the sole objective of achieving permanent peace, prosperity and happiness for the mankind as a whole.

The global history of mankind speaks volumes of hatred, wars, devastation, and death. At this terrible crucial juncture of mankind, Global Peace Foundation has been created with the noble mission of forming a federal supreme Global Government with participation of all countries of the world.

Global Government will be able to deal with all the critical global issues which are standing as stumbling blocks an the way of global peace.

Global Government will be a cosmopolitan political authority having legislative, executive, judiciary and military jurisdiction acceptable to all.

Creation of a conducive, healthy, fearless atmosphere irrespective of castes, religions, languages and political ideology is the fundamental moto of Global Peace Foundation.

I am working restlessly creating global awareness about formation of Global Government utilizing all social media, meeting, seminars, webinars, debates and publication, mobilizing global political leaders, media personnel, intellectuals, corporate houses, educated youth and other peace organizations of the world. I have traveled eleven foreign countries to propagate global peace movement and about global government formation.

QUESTION:Being an Indian, your are trying for Indo-Pak unification. Will Government of India allow you ? Will your target be full filled ?

ANSWER: Yes, I am an Indian and I am proud of my country. But all people of the world are my friends.

They all are of equal value for me. When the soil is one, water is one and air is one, then all human beings should be equal. Human particles are equal for all of us. I don’t feel any difference between Indians and Pakistanis

They all want love, peace, brother hood and non-violence. During last 75 years of painful separation, both Indians and Pakistanis have experienced undue loss of innocent human lives, heavy concern over national security and national growth, irreparable damage to social, cultural, economic and brotherly relationship.

Inspite of long separation, they have the desire to cross the border to exchange words of love and friendship.

Wars have never solved any problem which love can. We have exhausted all sorts efforts for Indo-Pak peace except Indo-Pak unification.

If action is not geared up early, there exists a possibility of Indo-Pak disintegration. I am extremely hopeful for Indo-Pak unification and all my efforts will continue till it is worked out.

QUESTION:Why are you advocating that Global Government should be formed ?

ANSWER:The current socio-economic and political scenario of the entire world has been ravaged by fear of multifaceted terrorism, threat of possible nuclear weapons, abuse of science and technology, violation of Human rights, Global trade war, Population explosion, Pollution of global environment, Production of horrendous nuclear weapons.

Conflict caused by castes-religions-languages and political ideologies, miseries caused by increasing disparity between rich and poor, baneful efforts of autocratic experiments in the space by satellites, territorial disputes, refugee issues, scarcity underground water and fuel and many other critical issues which have called upon the entire human society to search for permanent peace, prosperity, justice and harmony in the chaotic world.

The traditional concept of security through military defense is a total illusion both for present and future. In this situation Global Peace Foundation advocates that formation of a federal supreme Global Government having political authority with legitimate legislative, executive, administrative, judiciary, military and financial jurisdiction for the entire world will be absolutely necessary.

Global Government will be formed with participation of all countries of the world but it will not interfere in the internal administration of any country in the world.

QUESTION:What should be the structure and foundation of Global Government ?.

ANSWER: Global Government will be formed as universal federation in a secular democratic form to include all countries of the world.

A workable constitution with declaration of right, authority and duty acceptable to all the countries need to be drafted.

The proposed major organs of this Global Government may include Global Parliament, Global Administrative system, Global Executive system, Global Judiciary system, Global Enforcement system, Global Military system and Global Finance system.

The proposed function and power of Global Government includes settlement of International territorial disputes, safe guard global environment and ecological status, universalisation of human rights, liberty, opportunity, Eradication of terrorism, abolition of passport, visa, immigration system to allow free international movement, enforcement of equitable economic system, prohibition of manufacture, sale, purchase, test, use, possession of nuclear weapons with disarmament, framing rules and regulation on formation of global parliament, global judiciary and global military systems, establishment of universal standard for currency, accounting , banking, finance etc. ,framing universal regulation regarding migration of people, communication, trade, transport, tourism etc.

Raise revenue and funds for the Global Government, control of global population with population distribution, development of science, technology and space programme.

Global Government will function under the control of global parliaments and it will not interfere in the governance of any national government of the world.

QUESTION:Do you think national Governments of the world will allow Global Government formation ?

ANSWER:To think about global government formation seems big. But it is not a big issue for leading national governments of the world. They must understand the facts about it.

Then only they will agree for it. Global Government will deal with all the international critical issues only, which the national government are unable to do. At present they are not interested in it. But time will come they will be forced to do it.

Global Peace Foundation is offering a proposal only. Decision will be taken by all the National Government of the World.

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