Best photos from around the World today August 16th, 2022

Eventual champions Lioncitylite dance crew performing during the finals of the Super24 dance competition at Our Tampines Hub in Singapore on 14 August 2022. The street dance competition made its return after a two-year hiatus and with teams of up to 24 dancers battling it out on an eight by eight metre platform. (PHOTO BY ST).
A crew member prepares a partially inflated balloon at the annual Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, near Bristol, Britain. (PHOTO BY REUTERS).
Spectators watch the kites flying in the sky during the three-day-long Tamil Nadu International Kite Festival (TNIKF), at the coastal town of Mahabalipuram, near Chennai, India on 13 August 2022. The three-day-long Tamil Nadu International Kite Festival (TNIKF) will take place in the coastal town of Mahabalipuram from 13 August 2022 to 15 August 2022. (PHOTO BY EPA-EFE).
Nepalese dancers wear costumes and masks as they perform in front of the Bauddha Stupa during the Ropai Jatra festival in Kathmandu, Nepal on 13 August 2022. Ropai Jatra is one of the festivals dedicated to the farmers. This annual festival is organized specially for the farmers’ refreshment because by the Mid-August all rice planting season is finished so that they can come celebrate the festival. (PHOTO BY EPA-EFE).
The Spanish ensemble Sacude perform at the 28th Sziget (Island) Festival on Shipyard Island in northern Budapest, Hungary. The festival is one of the biggest cultural events of Europe offering art exhibitions, theatrical and circus performances and above all music concerts. (PHOTO BY EPA-EFE).
Worshippers from the Legio Maria Church walk during their annual overnight procession as the Assumption of Holy Mary in Kisumu on August 14, 2022. (PHOTO BY AFP).
Participants gather at the 100th annual Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Association Rodeo at Red Rock Park on August 14, 2022 near Gallup, New Mexico. The 11-day Ceremonial began in 1922 and is one of the state’s oldest annual events honoring Native American and Indigenous tribal heritage and culture while bringing together tribal members from the American Southwest and beyond. (PHOTO BY AFP).
Britain's Kieran Reilly competes to place second in the Men's Park Final BMX Cycling Freestyle event at the European Cycling Championships in Munich, southern Germany on August 13, 2022. The event is part of the European Championships Munich 2022 running from August 11 to 21, 2022 and including nine different types of sport. ( PHOTO BY AFP).
Globe sculptures from 'The World Reimagined' charitable arts education project are displayed outside Westminster Abbey in London, Britain, 11 August 2022. Over 100 artists designed over 100 globes to explore themes of the transatlantic slave trade and racial justice. The globes will be placed in Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London and Swansea in sculpture trails until 31 October 2022. (PHOTO BY EPA).
This picture taken on August 6, 2022, above the resort of Les Diablerets shows hikers walking on the Tsanfleuron pass partially free of the ice that covered it for at least 2,000 years, behind blankets covering snow from the last winter season to prevent it. - The thick layer of ice that has covered a Swiss mountain pass between Scex Rouge glacier and Tsanfleuron glacier since at least the Roman era will have melted away completely within a few weeks, Glacier 3000 officials said on August 11, 2022. Following a dry winter, the summer heatwaves hitting Europe have been catastrophic for the Alpine glaciers, which have been melting at an accelerated rate. (PHOTO BY AFP).
The president of the National Zoo of Nicaragua, Eduardo Sacasa, examines a four-day-old Central American tapir (Tapirus bairdii), considered an endangered species, inside an enclosure at the National Zoo in Managua, on August 11, 2022. (PHOTO BY AFP).
People jump off Blackrock diving boards during a heatwave, at Salthill beach, in Galway, Ireland, August 11, 2022. (PHOTO BY REUTERS).
People visit the newly constructed Namo Ghat on the banks of river Ganges in Varanasi. - The Hindu priest on the banks of the holy river Ganges spoke softly, but had a threatening message 75 years after the birth of independent India: his religion must be the heart of Indian identity. Hindus make up the overwhelming majority of India's 1.4 billion people but when Mahatma Gandhi secured its independence from Britain in 1947 it was as a secular, multi-cultural state. (PHOTO BY AFP).
Local people watch the clouds of smoke during a forest fire in Linhares da Beira, Celorico da Beira, northern Portugal, 11 August 2022. (PHOTO BY EPA).
In this photograph taken on August 2, 2022, visitors look at an installation at the Partition Museum in Amritsar. - India and Pakistan, which celebrate 75 years of independence from Britain next week, share deep cultural and linguistic links but their history has been mired in violence and bloodshed. They were partitioned in 1947 into predominantly Hindu India and Muslim-majority Pakistan against the backdrop of communal massacres and the movement of millions of people. (PHOTO BY AFP).
A full moon sets behind the Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque, in Istanbul, Turkey, 12 August 2022. (PHOTO BY EPA).

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