Woman rescued after her car crashed into sea in Jeddah

JEDDAH-A woman was rescued after her car lost control and crashed into seawater in Jeddah Corniche waterfront on Sunday. The woman and a passer-by who sustained injuries were taken to a nearby hospital.

The car, driven by the woman, lost control and stormed the sidewalk and hit a pedestrian before deflecting into the seawater. Hattan Al-Jahdali, a Saudi citizen, was among those who witnessed the scene and rushed to rescue the woman from the car partly submerged in water.

The National Center for Security Operations at the Ministry of Interior (911) received information about the fall of a vehicle into the sea and that its woman driver was rescued with minor injuries. It said that the driver and a passer-by hit by the car were transferred into a nearby hospital, while the border guards succeeded in removing the car from the sea.

Preliminary investigations showed that the woman, who was driving her car along the Corniche Road, lost control and hit a passer-by before deflecting into the seawater as she apparently failed to use the brakes to stop the car.

Meanwhile, Hattan Al-Jahdali, told Okaz/Saudi Gazette that he heard a loud crash sound when he was about to return to his home after strolling on the Jeddah Corniche. “I saw a jeep model vehicle lose control and deflect into the sea and settle down in the pool of sea water. Within a few seconds, the front part of the vehicle began to sink and I heard a distress call from the driver.”

“Immediately I jumped into the seawater and tried to open the door of the vehicle from behind. Another person also joined the rescue operation and we managed to save the woman from the partly submerged car,” Al-Jahdali added. (SG)

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