National Branch of Chinmaya Foundation Inaugurated in Bangladesh


WHILE international people's enhancement organization for peace and harmony, " Chinmaya Foundation" in Babalpur of Jajpur district of Odisha state of India is opening branch offices in different countries of the world, the national branch office of Bangladesh has been inaugurated in Srikrishnapur in the meantime.
On this occasion, Bangladesh National Coordinator Mr. Sobuj Ram presided over the inauguration program as the guest of honor Kayas Chaudhary, Anjana Rani Ravidas, Miran Ravidas, Pancha Gulam Ravidas,Shonjit Ravidas, Rajan Ravidas,Papon Ravidas, Samol Ravidas, Sawan Ravidas, Emon Ravidas,Raju Ravidas Surja Ravidas, Suvash Ravidas.
Apon ravidas, Ramuni Ravidas, Priti Rani Ravidas, Shilpi Rani Ravidas, Kadir Mia, Babul Mia, Tota Ravidas, Shijil Ravidas, Shojal Ravidas, Mitun Ravidas, Sonnda Rani Ravidas, Boysaki Rani Ravidas, Puja Rani Ravidas, Srijan Kumar Prolay, Nandini Rani Proneta, Shipon Ravidas, Sonkay Ravidas & others are participated.
In the initial phase, worship & tree planting program was held in the temple to celebrate the birthday of the founder and international chairman of the foundation Mr Chinmaya Dash. Soon its regional branches will be opened in eight divisions of Bangladesh and the foundation's branches will be opened in all countries of the world, said the founding chairman of the foundation, Dr. Chinmaya Dash.

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