Dhirendra Mallick is a strange personality


DHIREDRA was born to a middle-class family in the village of Neelkanthpur in the Dasarathpur block of Jajpur district of Odisha state in India. 
Dhirendra is very fond of dancing and acting. Dhirendra had a keen interest in Oriya literature as a child. 

He bought and read many Oriya poetry story books. Despite not reading much, he dropped out of school for two thousand and twelve years. 

He is a poet, journalist, writer, storyteller, editor, lyricist, actor and social activist. He has acted in many stage programs and stage plays. 

He has composed many modern hymns and published them in various magazines. And he has been well-received in the readership. He has been successful in journalism on the web channel Sanskar News Oriya. 

He refuses even though he is invited. From a very young age he is known as a leading children's writer in and out of the district. 

He has been personally involved with many literary and cultural institutions in Odisha. He has written more than five hundred poems and stories. 

Five thousand above newspapers, magazines, journals are published his article. A collection of his children's books was soon to be published. 

It is easy to understand and touches his heart. He considers the poet Manoj Kumar Pradhan (Manubhai) to be his guru. He is determined to continue his social work and writing career until the end of his life.

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