Corona Awareness, Kit and Relief Distribution reaches 939 days in Debagada District India


THE outbreak of the epidemic corona has not completely disappeared from all over the world. Still two percent of people are infected with corona in India every day.
Keeping in view the crowds of different festivals of this month, the foundation's day number 938 and 939 in different areas of Debagad district was made aware for two days and it was advised to be aware and follow Odisha government's Corona guideline on December-31.

Masks, soap, sanitizer, ORS, bleaching, hand gloves, dattol were provided to many people along with food, clothes etc. to the poor and needy.

It has been seen that the relief materials are being distributed to the beggar, insane , poor and needy people in various road side and slum areas.
Under the direction of the foundation's founder chairman Mr. Chinmaya Dash, the Covid awareness program coordinator Master Mihir Kumar, Nilima Mallik, Rashmita Jena, Rocky Das, Durga Prasad Raut, Biswajit Mallik, Satyajit Barik, Pruthi Ranjan Pradhan, Deepak Jena and other members are contributed to smoothly conduct the program.

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