During an interview with Azam TV, Yusuph Kileo urged organisation to enhance three important things.

1. IDS - Intrusion Detection Systems , so that any hacking attempts can be detected and stopped.

2. IR - Incident Response , So that when organisation becomes a victim of cyberattack the incident will be well managed.

3. DR - Disaster recovery , All organisation should have a strong disaster recovery capability. Kileo added it is no longer a matter of whether or not but When at some point all organisations will be a victim of cyberattacks" the ability to recover and resume to it's normal state is what matters Kileo concluded.

Kufuatia ndege  nchini marekani kushindwa kuruka, Azam TV imeongea na Yusuph Kileo: mjumbe wa DNS abuse working group ya ICANN kujua zaidi.

Kileo ameshauri taasisi zote kua na :-

1. Uwezo wa kugundua viashiria vya kihalifu mtandao (Intrusion Detection)

2. Uwezo wa kuishughulikia changamoto za kihalifu mtandao (Incident Response) pamoja na kua na

3. Uwezo wa kurudi Kwa haraka katika hali ya kawaida (Disaster Recovery)


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