INDIA:Chinmaya Foundation's 1046-day Corona Awareness, Kit and Relief Distribution Program


THE epidemic corona awareness, covid kit and relief distribution program started in continuous process from last March 22, 2020 by Chinmaya Foundation, a leading international people's enhancement organization for peace & harmony in Babalpur of Jajpur district, has reached 1046 days.

In this context, the program has been held in different places of Jajpur & Bhadrak districts in a silent process for three days from the foundation day number 1044 to 1046.

According to the data of the last 29th, the number of infections in Odisha is 'zero', while the number of infections in India has reached 80.

Therefore, it is being considered to postpone this work with the distribution of kits for a few more days. In this program, the foundation provides blankets, mosquito nets, clothes, masks, soap, sanitizers, O.R.S, phenyl, Dettol,Insta vegetable wash,dry food etc. to the poor and needy.

It is recommended to take corona booster dose which is continued by the government.The program was led by social worker Shreekshetra Sahoo, Sagar Mallik and others are are seen to found.

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