World can’t bear two weeks without Saudi oil-Energy Minister

RIYADH- Saudi Arabia Minister of Energy, Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman said that, the world cannot bear two or three weeks without Saudi oil exports.

Addressing the 2nd edition of the Global Cybersecurity Forum on Wednesday, he stressed that the energy sector is the most affected by cyber attacks, and these attacks are considered a weapon without an army or marches, but they have a great impact.

“We are now recovering very quickly from cyber attacks, and it comes without prior warning or knowledge of their source,”He added.

Prince Abdulaziz said that you have always to be cautious, stressing that things should not be taken for granted.

However, more than 60 of the best cybersecurity minds addressed thousands of attendees from more than 100 countries during the first day of the 2022 Edition of the Global Cybersecurity Forum (GCF).

The international Forum, founded by Saudi Arabia’s National Cybersecurity Authority, opened with a welcome address from Prince Faisal bin Bandar, Governor of Riyadh Province, who called for global collaboration to counter threats.

Under the event theme, Rethinking the Global Cyber Order, the Forum covered the full spectrum of issues including, resilience in the energy supply chain, child protection online, countering cyber conflict, women in cybersecurity, and tackling cybercrime, with perspectives sought from government, private sector, NGOs, policy makers and industry specialists.

Dr. Mary Aiken, leading expert in Cyberpsychology, praised the inclusion of child protection online in the Forum’s program, noting that it was an important topic in the discussion of cybersecurity: “The internet was created on the principle that all users are equal. This is not true. Some users are more vulnerable than others, and children are particularly vulnerable”. Sanjay Wijeskera, Director Programme Group, UNICEF also noted: ‘a digital space that’s safe for children is safe for everyone.”

There were also predictions about the future, with cyber advances likely to dramatically change the world. The world-renowned author, scientist, and futurist Dr. Michio Kaku said that Silicon Valley “could become the next rust belt as quantum computers begin to take over”, urging the world to “prepare for the quantum era”.

Speaking about the cybersecurity threats posed to the energy supply chain, Amin H. Nasser, President and CEO, Aramco said: “the danger for us is very clear, present and constant” and called for increased cooperation across borders, industries, and the public, and private sectors to ensure resilience.

Also featured in the day’s line up was Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, Minister of Energy, Dr. Craig Wright, Chief Scientist at nChain and Jeremy Jurgens, Managing Director, World Economic Forum.

Day two of the Forum will continue on Thursday, hosting diverse program of sessions, including Ian Goldin, Professor of Globalization and Development Oxford University, Former Vice President and Head of Policy, World Bank. Those not able to attend the event in person are able to join via live stream on the Global Cybersecurity Forum YouTube channel. (SG)

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